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          Everyone leaves a footprint. No-matter, how big or small you may think what you do that makes a difference, everything counts. You create your everyday life, you are the creator of your reality, and thus, the reality someone else will perceive as theirs right now, or later on. You can make a big difference by consciously choosing the things you think about, the way you do things, the way you say things – every little bit counts and small things make a difference as everything you do will make an impact on someone.

          By simplifying your lifestyle, putting less worry-some things in your mind, occupying your time with more wholesome thoughts, products you consume, things you get for your home – everything adds up. Taking time to get what you need and not only, what is impulse, but what you want to be a representative idea of what and who you are as a person, is something you can influence and choose. Your choices determine your life direction as well as someone else’s who might just glance at you but is affected by what you put out in the world.

         The more there are people who think and behave the same way, most agreeably, are on the same wave-length, the better the outcome if the source is pure. Pure foods, pure surroundings, pure garments, day-to-day purchases that represent not only the person getting them but also the impact they leave on the Earth, the Planet we All Occupy.

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          We Are All just Passengers, Passers-By. Leaving with something memorable is what We hope you get out of choosing one of our Photos or Designs. Take Your Time, Enjoy What You Find, and Leave One of Our Pieces Knowing You Have Contributed Grace, Purity, and Tranquility As these are the best Words to Describe the Photographer Behind Awake Photo Design. Are You Looking For Something to Last You A Lifetime? We Certainly Hope So!

        Interior Design Photography, Photography for Commercial Use, Exterior Spaces, the Choices Are Limitless As What You Can Do With A Good Piece of Photography! Enjoy Your Time on and Your Day!

Best Wishes,

Awake Photography Design

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