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About the Author Behind Awake Photo Design

Ann Tenno is a nationally distinguished photographer. She has received the Knight Award presented by the Estonian President Lennart Meri for her contribution Estonian culture. Her wide array of books including, of which the most recognized are:  “Eestonian Images,” “Estonia,” “Tallinn,” “Islands of Estonia,” “Gardens of Japan,” “Gardens of England,” “Islands And Churches,” “Manor Houses of Estonia,” and many more.

She has had a deep interest in photography from an early age and this lifelong love of taking pictures hasn’t left her. Now, moving through the Digital Age, her art combines the old school methods using Sepia and Black & White t0 pioneering the use of the infrared camera for art and research purposes in the magical and holistic grounds of Belize, the Mayan Pyramids, and other parts of Central- and South-America. All her work is unique and impossible to replicate since she has used complex mathematical formulas for which she gained inspiration from the time when she was a teacher of higher mathematics in her 20’s at the University of Technology of Tallinn. She carried this knowledge over into her works that combines a metaphysical quality in them. Her interests evolved from photography to the metaphysical, when she travelled to the United States, to study remote-viewing in Carlsbad, California. She wrote the book  “The Children of Sirius,” where she talks about the process in length and contemplates the impact of humans on Earth and the future of our civilization. Her books are transcental in nature like everything she does, including her Art and Photography.

Ann Tenno

Excelling in the field of photography from an early age, gaining International Recognition and Prizes for her Nude Photography in 1989. Her focus in photography has been a movement from the specific to the general – from People, Places, Nature, to the Universe. Constantly evolving her work and giving more meaning to her images throughout the years.

Children of Sirius

Ann Tenno’s Book “The Children of Sirius” combines the realistic and artistic sciences to transcend the human experience, crossing borders into where the human mind cannot see. She gives insight into metaphysics and the trandecental, first with her pictures and then with her research and discoveries, shedding light into the human experience, touching the future of our planet – moving on the borderline of dreams and reality – more in the book: “The Children of Sirius – On the Path to Remote Viewing and Channeling.”  Her scientific background and interest in art has led Ann to experiment with new fields of technology, using her logical sense combined with love of aesthetics, unveiling new dimensions that question our reality and place in the world. Having graduated as an honor student from the University of Tartu with a degree in Physics, Ann Tenno’s work is rooted in a deep understanding of the Universe and its’ processes. In “The Children of Sirius” – she talks about remote viewing like something elementary like electricity, and with the voice of a teacher she is able to explain to the reader the science behind this illusory form of art that not yet established solid ground in the scientific world. It is on its’ way. Remote viewing can be learned and applied – just like science, Ann brings understanding and light to the field that interests her most. “The Children of Sirius” is available on Amazon.

Head on over to to see Her recent work!

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          Everyone leaves a footprint. No-matter, how big or small you may think what you do that makes a difference, everything counts. You create your everyday life, you are the creator of your reality, and thus, the reality someone else will perceive as theirs right now, or later on. You can make a big difference by consciously choosing the things you think about, the way you do things, the way you say things – every little bit counts and small things make a difference as everything you do will make an impact on someone.

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New York Lights 1

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The photos of photographer Ann Tenno have been in high regard by the sense of tranquility they evoke. Photos by Ann Tenno have been used in many doctor’s offices, as they calm the viewer and are also used as Feng Shui elements. We sincerely hope you find something that resonates with you and you will love the image you have bought from Awake Photo Design! Here, at Awake Photo Design all the images on this website and , are by one author and have the right of copyright from the author, so they are available for use for commercial purposes. The photos by Ann Tenno are famous in the country she grew up in and lived for a long time, in Estonia. Now, having moved to a warmer climate, in Mexico she is traveling the South-Americas and will be coming forth with a lot of more beautiful images in the future, as You can see her images on, and follow along for her journey to different countries. Her images are famous in her country of Estonia since the 1980’s. Having won many international photography competitions in the 1980’s and 1990’s when she competed, she brought home many prizes for nude photography and landscapes. She has also been a commercial photographer, having made images for Estonian clothing brands and interior designers.

You will find perfect photography for individual use in your house or a room, or restaurant, cafe, hotel design, and so forth. Having purchased Ann Tenno’s photos for commerical use has no copyright issues as she has given the right of use for her photography to the buyer. The photography that is for sale on Awake Photo Design is great for designing spaces, outdoors or indoors, individual, or commercial purposes.

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